It was fair to say that her long, silky black hair did turn heads.  She had a gorgeous mane of straight dark hair that fell perfectly into place, every strand, just below her shoulder blades.  Once they noticed the hair, it was not too long before they also noticed how strikingly beautiful she was.  Very strong, chiselled features and large, moist brown eyes that seemed to understand, to invite confidences.

Today she looked particularly lovely, she was glowing and giddy with excitement, laughing far too easily and making no apologies for it.  She had a hot date tonight, her third one with this new man in fact, but tonight they were to meet at his apartment.  She had been daydreaming, alright fantasizing, about this date since they had exchanged their first words many years before, he of course had no idea that she had been in pursuit of him even then.  Whenever he was anywhere nearby, she could feel his presence, his strength, she, like many others, was drawn to his warmth... not by choice necessarily, but by need.

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He was your typical tall, dark and handsome type.  The one that you generally read about in romance novels, a cool drink of water.  The bonus was that he had no idea of how absolutely gorgeous he was, he seemed totally unaffected by his obvious popularity.  This boyish charm only furthered her need to be with him.

Apartment 301, this is it, she knocked gently on the door and took a deep breath.

He opened the door and held it ajar while he drank in every inch of her standing in the dimly lit hallway, he had to remember to breathe, she literally took his breath away.  She had also warned him, promised him perhaps, that beneath her warm winter coat, she was clad only in fishnet stockings and a lacey black bra.

"Hey sweet man, were you expecting me?", with that she loosened the buttons on her long black wool coat and let it fall open, revealing her fishnets and a lacey black bra indeed, her perfect pale breasts firm, her hard pink nipples strained against the floral lace fabric which barely covered their soft roundness.

He pulled her needily into his apartment and closed the door behind her.

His words were low and lost between them as he pulled her close to him and leaned down to kiss her ripe cherry lips, he held her hair between his fingers and twirled it admiringly, smiling he tucked her raven tresses back over her shoulders, revealing her loveley breasts even more so.  He stroked her cheek gingerly and looked into her brown eyes, kissing her again.  He held her face with his strong hands and tilted her chin towards him, he began to trace his tongue around her lips, tasting her juicy gel lipgloss.

He then nibbled on her lower lip, slowly and with such focus that they both dissolved into the sensuality of his kiss; he moved to her upper lip and nibbled his way across, she arched her back and pressed her lips hard against his, he opened her lips with his tongue and thrust it in and out of her mouth making her crazy with the anticipation of his cock thrusting between her legs, she sucked greedily on his tongue now in her mouth.  Her pussy was drenched, any inhibitions had disappeared, his kiss had left her now the breathless one.

He lifted her face to look at him, he loved her eyes with their sparkle and the promise of ecstasy that they held.  She smiled and allowed her coat to drop to the floor around her feet.  He could smell her fragrance waft up around her, he closed his eyes and breathed her in.

"Fuck me right here sweet man, I can't wait to get to your bed, I need you inside me now - oh baby please fuck me against the wall baby, I need you!", her requests became a rhythm of soft moans as he unbutonned his faded levis and pulled off his Calvin Kleins, kicking them to one side.  His cock stood hard and delicious and at the ready for his fishnet goddess.  He pushed her gently up against the wall, pinning her hands above her head on either side, he began to kiss her neck, rubbing his cock against the fishnet fabric covering her firm ass.

"Fuck me baby", she pleaded with him, rubbing her ass against his hardness, her pussy now tingling withsuch electricity, the fishnet fabric causing a delicious friction against her clit, making her hotter and hotter.

He let go of her right arm and tickled his way down her neck, her breasts, her belly and finally he touched her where whe waited.  She was soaking wet!

"MMMM.." he was very pleased.  He found her clitoris with the tip of his index finger and he played her, her moans becoming throatier.

He now took his hard cock into his hand and led himself towards the opening in her fishnets, she was so wet, so hot, so ready to be fucked silly.  He teased her now, taking the firm head of his penis, probing her pussy just slightly, a little at a time, then he would pull out of her.  He again found her swollen clit with his fingertip and traced back and forth ever so lightly, making her crazy with desire for him.  She pushed her hands against the wall and thrust her ass toward him, her need for him becoming almost desperate.

She moaned loudly, "Baby please fuck me, please baby!"

He held off, still teasing his little temptress, her long black hair swayed back and forth across her muscular back, revealing the tiny black straps of her bra on her shoulders.  Her breathing was now erratic, her motions less subtle, her voice raspy, barely audible, "Please baby, please fuck me hard..."

He probed his penis into her wetness gently and as she pushed back toward him he thrust hard into her warm pussy, so hard in fact that she came immediately, her body gave into the tremors of pleasure that his hard manhood brought to her every time.  Her desire for him now only increased with each wave of pleasure that took her, her orgasm building and releasing and building again, "Fuck me baby, oh ya, oh ya", her voice rang out.

She thrust herself back onto his cock, using the strength in her shapely legs to keep her ass up high enough for him to have tight access to her pussy.  He put his strong hands over her delicate outstretched fingers and held them both firmly against the wall.  Again she could feel an intense build up, an ecstatic frenzy building inside of her, she clenched her pelvic muscles, holding tightly onto his penis, driving him with such excitement that he feld his dick might explode inside her gorgeous hot pussy.  He buried his face into her hair at her neck and moved his lips to her ear where he sucked and kissed and licked her, furthering her awareness of her own pleasure.

"I want to see your beautiful face when I come", he breathed heavily into her ear.

He pulled himself from inside of her and she relaxed like a ragdoll back toward him, leaning her head back against his solid chest, he bent over and kissed her sweetly on the forehead.  His hands made their way to her very erect nipples where he played, she could no longer speak, only moan quietly, she wanted more of him, she wanted to bring him to the heights of pleasure she now felt engulfing her.  He led her determinedly the few steps down the hall to a small powder room where he lifted her up onto the edge of the counter.  He knelt down in front of her and pulled her legs apart revealing her pink, juicy pussy.

"MMMM, baby I gotta taste you", his tongue found her love button and he flicked her firmly with the tip of his tongue while he manoeuvred her fishnets from underneath her and down her legs, she had long since kicked off her sexy black heels, he wanted to feel only her against his body.  Her warm, generous body, her soft skin and her smell, that smell that always made him horny, even when she was nowhere in sight.

He could feel her slipping into another wave of orgasms, he could taste her pleasure as she shuddered, pushing his face hard against her clit... "I want your cock baby, I want to make you come."

His need for her became imminent, he stood up and grabbed her firmly by the legs, pulling her to the edge of the counter where he entered her, determined to make her come once again.  She smiled dreamily at him, still high from his mouth on her pleasure spot.

"I'm going to make you come again my darling", he promisted, "you look so gorgeous when you are coming."

She too felt the need that she could see in his eyes, "fuck me", she whispered as she dropped her head back, her silky dark hair flowing over her shoulders and cascading down her back.

She pushed her hips forward as he pouned into her, filling her with his very hard member.  She gripped the counter white-knuckled as he sent waves of pleasure through her trembling body.  She could once again feel it mounting strong and all consuming, deep inside of her as he found her G spot with his determined thrusts.  His thrusts soon became more intense and he groaned softly as he neared orgasm.  She pushed towards him, again feeling the tingle of multiple orgasms as she reached her peak.  She raised her head and looked into his eyes, wide with excitement as he reached orgasm and let go inside of her.  She shuddered in a culminative wave of orgasmic delight.  She squealed in absolute delight until his lips found hers, he kissed her hard.

"You are so incredibly sexy, you gorgeous creature", he managed to whisper... "do you want to see the rest of the apartment?"

With that they both began to laugh, silly and sweet, that intoxicating kind of laughter that lifts you from your body and brings the intimacy of pleasure to new heights.

"Just the bedroom", she giggled in that throaty after-sex voice of hers that drove him wild.

                                           Fishnet Stockings by Val

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